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6 October
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I'm in the US Coast Guard and created this LJ just to keep in touch with some friends while I'm out and about. :) I love anime and manga, they've been my secret vice for a long time, haha. I enjoy reading, particularly speculative fiction and fantasy. Big fan of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, and Koushan Takami's Battle Royale (the updated version though, not the original English one). I play guitar(not well but I do my best gosh darnit!). I still remember all sorts of random songs, but nowadays I primarily play for worship. With that said, I'm Christian! I don't consider myself Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, or anything like that. I'm simply a biblical Christian, take it or leave it. I'm a big fan of Lee Strobel and his work in bringing the truth to light. For reference to his works check out his "Case for ___" series, starting with Case for Christ.

I'm not much of a journal writer, so don't expect any regular updates (or indeed, any at all!). What little writing I do manage to get done is usually reserved for me and only me. I love paper and pencil gaming, I'm a big fan of Shadowrun and DnD/Pathfinder. I also love computer and console gaming too, primarily RPG's, though Call of Duty is prominently in there.. somewhere. I LOVE nature. Camping, hiking, and rock climbing are a few of my favorite outdoorsy things. I'm also an animal lover, big time. (Eww, not like that, sicko. Get your mind outta the gutter!)