Boot Camp Goodbye
Oh hi
Friday April 23rd I graduated from the Coast Guard boot camp. I'll find some time to write up about it but I don't want to spend any more time on the computer than I absolutely have to for now. :) I got people to see and things to catch on fire. So I'll leave y'all with this.


Boot Camp is Nigh!
I woke up today and didn't move from bed for a long time. :) So very nice! Today is the last day I'll be able to sleep in that way. Tomorrow I head out and after a few bus rides boot camp begins! It's going to be in Cape May, New Jersey, and should last about 8 weeks starting from the 2nd of March. I'll be 100% off the radar BUT around March 5th is when my immediate family should have my address, so if you want my address go ahead and call my parents (DO NOT CALL PAST 8PM) at (909) 948-1281. That's only if you want to send me letters or something.

I won't be writing back much, since I simply won't have time, but I'd appreciate any letters you feel like sending.  If you want to spam my phone with texts and messages feel free. I'll have my phone back after I'm out and I do so love long messages. Nothing else much to say. I could go on about how excited I am and how I've waited so very long for this to happen, but I won't. :) I'm very happy ^_^

Pseudo-Intellectual Superiority-Complex Wannabe Movie Critics - STOP IT
     So I am sick and freaking tired of hearing people go on about how terrible a movie is and then proceeding to reveal that their checklist of what makes a movie awesome shouldn't have applied to that movie in the first place! OK.. that may have been a little hard to understand. Let me clarify with examples: Person I (for ignorant) says, "Wow, Avatar was such a stupid movie. It wasn't even original, the plot was basic. It was so awful how they had to blatantly bash the green peace, eco-friendly message into the viewers' face. 2 thumbs down for Pocahontas in space!"

     No. Thou shalt die in a fire. Then I will cut you.

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And Then There Was One (Dog) or alternatively: Precious Is Getting Kicked Out Of The House!!!!!
Excuse me? *annoyed*

So the verdict stands as such. Precious and Shadow cannot stop fighting. The aggressor changes each time. Today it was undetermined, but Shadow is hospitalized after a chunk got ripped from his lower chest area. Rather than play a blame game, we play simple math. Precious is Aaron's dog, Shadow is owned by my parents. Who also own the household. Aaron is a guest in the house. Both of the dogs have glaring cons and bright shining pros. But it boils down to a simple "Our house, our dog" situation.

Considering that the ONLY person the dogs will not fight around is me, and the fact that I am leaving in a week and a half, means that nobody can control them properly. The grandchildren (my nephews) are over every weekend. The thought of the dogs getting into it around the kids is too much. Precious must be gone (not put down, just relocated) within something like a week. They'll work that detail out tomorrow I'm sure.

I'm both joyful that Precious is getting the boot, and sad that the catalyst was THIS. Also sad that it happened so soon before I'm leaving. She'll probably still be here when I leave. :( Only when I'm GONE will that Satan animal be gone. But mostly I'm worried about my mom. My mom has enough on her plate. She doesn't need this crap. She loves both those dogs. Hopefully Shadow will pull through at least.

OH RIGHT THE FAT THING. THAT WAS IMPORTANT. The reason why having a chunk ripped out of his damn chest wasn't immediately Kill Bill blood splattery or worse and what not was, get this, because Shadow is overweight. The vet flat out said "He's lucky he's so fat. He had a good layer of fat to protect his internal organs..." etc etc. I always knew he was a huge fat ass, but I'll be damned if I ever thought it'd save his life!

Oh hi
Well I created a live journal, finally. Not going to be posting much, still don't know what I'm doing. That about sums it up. :P 


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